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What is Craft Beer? Why Choose Craft Beer?

Definition of a craft beer:

A beer made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery.

Simply put, craft beer is a beer that is not brewed by one of the big "mega-brewery" corporations.

In a time of supporting local and dedicating our hard earned dosh to small businesses, craft beer holds a special place in our hearts. By supporting craft breweries you're not only reducing the carbon footprint of your ice cold hoppy beverage but you are also more likely to get a quality product that is much fresher and has a lot more heart to it. You will find a huge variety of different flavours and types of craft beer that whole teams of beer lovers will have debated, tasted, pondered and re-brewed again and again and again to get a flavour that they feel does their small often very tight knit breweries justice.

You will find that the breweries are often set up by groups of friends or families looking to work in a world where their passion for craft beers is central and they can dedicate their time to something they truly love - often putting product before profit. You will also find many beers dedicated to charity and helping the less fortunate

- Simply put these are often extraordinary beers created by ordinary people. We wouldn't want to drink anything else and that's why The Peppered Pear Pantry are dedicated to bringing the people of Godalming, Surrey a wide and ever changing selection of what the United Kingdom has to offer from these wonderful little collectives.

Image: The lovely lot at Verdant Brewing Company - credited on their website.

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