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at The Peppered Pear Pantry

The Peppered Pear Pantry is a luxury good food and home wear shop in Godalming Surrey providing local British produce, eco home wear and an excellent hamper and care package service. We endeavour for all of our products to have 'A good reason to be here' Meaning all our products have to meet a certain ethical criteria, For example: Eco-friendly, Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, B Cooperation, Bird friendly, Local produce, Tree planting, Women lead business and many more.

Be it times of illness or tragedy, celebration or joy, there is always a good reason to gift friends and family a ‘care’ package or a luxury hamper, filled with healthy food and luxurious treats. Knowing that you are adding ‘good’ to the world and the natural environment whilst gifting to your loved one is important to us as what's the point in sending love in one direction if it is only causing damage elsewhere? Our staff are trained to direct and advise on what best to pair for certain events be that weddings, birthdays, the bereaved, new baby/showers, valentines day, new job, a lengthy hospital stay, Christmas, new home or just a selection of goodies for date night making your shopping experience easy and joyful, ask them about the many ethical products we stock as they would be more than happy to inform you of each loving story.

All in one space you can not only get lovely easy to make food packages including amazing chocolates, Neals Yard Dairy cheeses, crackers, biscuits, charcuterie and British Beers and Wines but we also have a dedicated Eco home wear section all lovingly made and sourced from companies run by women in the UK - for the perfect and easy food and home gifting service always choose Peppered Pear.

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