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Valentines ideas - Breakfast in bed

At The Peppered Pear Pantry we LOVE Valentines. Being old hopeless romantics ourselves so here are some lovely ideas that we have reminisced about and some lush products to go along side.

Breakfast in bed. There is nothing quite like waking up to a wonderful plate of scrambled eggs and a hot cup of coffee in the morning with a little vase of flowers and a sweet treat for later. Its not about how good the breakfast is, its not about if the coffee is perfect, its about the fact that someone took the care to gather these items and hide them, to slip out of bed unnoticed, tiptoe downstairs, make a whole breakfast and get it back up to you with out you realising what is going on. Its all about the thoughtfulness of the act. Make sure you always make enough for everyone - there is no point in the romantic gesture if they have to eat it alone! (unless they want a break, (I'm thinking of you new mums...) in that case, get out!)

Here at The Peppered Pear we can make that a one stop shop too! With our rich fresh organic eggs from our very own farm, organic Goodwood milk and beautiful sublime butter - using quality ingredients will make sure the whole thing tastes divine.We also have the flowers and chocolates!

Recipe for either vegetarian or with chorizo below:

Prep recipe for 2:

Brindisa Cooking Chorizo (sweet or hot) chopped into 1/2 cm chunks

75g Sublime Himalayan slated butter room temp

1 pack Roots to the Moon Organic high welfare eggs

50ml Goodwood organic dairy whole milk

Garlic powder (optional)

A good quality sourdough cut into 2 x 2cm deep slices (we suggest our lovely bread by PAN)

Cast Iron Organic Coffee (made to tase using either whole bean or ground - always use organic milk)

A small or large dried bouquet of Poppy & Pampus dried flowers

Box of heart shaped Charbonnel et Walker truffles

Tray to carry them on

1) Break the eggs into a bowl and add a touch of salt, pepper, the milk and if you feel like it the garlic powder and whisk together with a fork.

2) Take half of the butter and pop it in the bottom of a non stick saucepan on a medium to high heated and wait for it to melt, if using chorizo add this as soon as the butter has melted and wait for it to caramelise at the surface.

3) Put the coffee on!

4) Pop your sourdough in the toaster and turn it on at about 75% power (on mine this is number 7).

5) Add your eggs to your pan and turn to medium heat, these will bubble and start to stiffen at the edges and coat your chorizo if using. Do not over stir! this is how you end up with eggs that look a little curdled, wait for the edges to stiffen then stir taking all cooked bits away from the surface of the pan then leave until the edges have stiffened again. This will become more frequent the further on in the process you go.

6) As the eggs cook butter your toast. Personally the more butter the better - I like mine like crumpets.

7) Everything should be nearly ready now, you don't want your eggs to look too dry as they will firm up a little on the plate too as the heat continues the cooking process.

8) Slice your sourdough diagonally and either place under or next too your eggs on a warmed plate, pop it on a tray with the coffee, flowers and chocolate and up you go!

For anymore help or availability call the shop.

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