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Buying chocolates as a gift - the guide

We all love a nice chocolaty surprise wether full of milky goodness or completely ethical and vegan however choosing chocolate for others is a completely different ball game.

Tip one :- Always know dietary requirements, there is nothing worse then getting a lovely creamy bar of Tonys Chocolonely Milk with Hazelnuts to then find out your recipient is a vegan with a nut allergy! We have chocolates to suit most tastes be they Vegan, Alcohol free, Nut free, Gluten free and cruelty free.

Tip two :- Know your audience, our staff are always here to help so let them know who its for! We may have a few pointers like what are our best sellers or more personal matters such as when buying for the older generations, they usually prefer truffles over bars, not only because of a generational trend but also they are generally easier to bite for anyone with false teeth or tender gums.

Tip three:- You can stack anything. A stack of chocolate always makes a great gift, we do this in-house by either stacking four nice big bars and wrapping them together with ribbon or using truffle boxes of different sizes to create a truly luxurious stack that is sure to please even the fussiest of chocolate lovers! Here you can see one of our lovely Valentines chocolate stacks using Charbonnel et Walker heart truffle boxes :- the perfect way to say I LOVE YOU with a Valentines gift!

Tip four: Buy in advance, with specialist chocolates such as Charbonnel or Booja Booja they have long lead times so shops struggle to get them in last minuet, if you see them, want them, get them or risk them running out!

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