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How to build the perfect gift hamper

At The Peppered Pear Pantry we like to make sure our gift hampers are full of products that not only taste great but are also doing good on our planet wether that be helping charities, supporting fair-trade or being carbon neutral or negative. We also endeavour to stock as many organic and biodynamic products as possible doing good for both environment and body.

So, after carefully selecting your items we need to get to packaging your hamper (remember it doesn't have to be just food gifts! We are also happy to put in any 'additions' anyone would like such as lovely photographs, little teddies, dried flowers or nice keepsakes! - you want to avoid anything like cosmetics or smellies if packaging with food and remember to keep the hamper in the fridge if it contains fresh items)

1) Choose your hamper box, we usually go for a nice recycled card box in a manilla brown - quiet colours help the gifts to really pop! We also sometimes use hamper baskets (like mini picnic baskets!)

2) Fill the base of your hamper with wooden wool, yet again we go for a nice natural wood colour, this helps the gifts to stand up and can also keep items from clanking together and bring smaller items high for visibility.

3) Start packing your hamper! You want to start with your tallest items first, its useful if your have around 5 taller items to go towards the back and try to keep glass more central as these items need a bit more protection.

4) Keep numbers odd! - it is much easier to pack a hamper symmetrically when you have odd numbers and a 'central'' product. this is usually your highest ticket item such as a bottle of gin (our Peppered Pear Gin that we make locally often does the trick... hint hint...)

5) Wrap the odd gift - not only can they open a lovely hamper but to have a few little colour pops of wrapping paper brings that extra lovely surprise!

6) Have three tiers - The easiest way to make your gift hamper look fantastic is to make it in tiers. Three is usually a good number and you can often find three rough nights of gifts to create nice neat tiers.

7) Try a theme! Gifting can nearly always have a theme, a few being, new baby, birthdays, fathers day, Christmas, engagements, barbecues, favourite colours, mothers day, fancy dinner, craft beer, boozy brunch the possibilities are endless and it makes it even more fun!

8) Once you have all your gifts arranged beautifully in their tiers its time to wrap! We like to buy compostable hamper bags that do the trick and really speed the process up, once your hamper is inserted into the bag you want to make sure you tape the corners at the bottom of the box in to secure it better and neaten it up. Add dried petals or confetti for an extra nice touch.

9) Ribbons! We like to use extra wide ribbons and at least two different colours as it adds a little luxury make sure you cut them long enough to make a nice large bow and then have extra to trail down the front just short of hitting the surface the hamper is on. gather the top of the bag up making sure the knot its towards the back of the hamper for maximum visibility of the gifts. Tie the ribbons around the top and hey presto! Your Hamper is ready to go!

10) Or you could just pop into or call our store and we will do it all for you! We also provide local delivery or pick up at The Peppered Pear Pantry, 86 High Street, Godalming, GU7 1DU

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